A story of vivi blu


We are Seung and Marco, South Korean and Italian, based in Okinawa, Japan. We first lived in Italy, Germany, and South Korea but it is since we moved to Okinawa that we truly touched with our hands how our wonderful Earth is suffering day after day. The amazing Okinawa coast is so rich in unique and stunning beaches which are more and more filled with plastic waste. Japan is, unfortunately, one of the leading countries producing and using plastic. It is REALLY everywhere. Okinawa coral reef is slowly dying, as in other parts of the world. So, we really started to feel we wanted to try to do something and help, even if we are just a small family. We think that daily, small gestures and habits can really have a great impact and help our Planet. And we know that there are millions of people thinking in the same way we do. So we started VIVIBLU project, to produce and sell eco-friendly, reusable and no waste products. Our first product is Beeswax wrap: as soon as we tried it, we really felt it was both something that you can use every day to reduce plastic waste and actually keep your food fresher and last longer. Please support and join us!