how to use

for the first uses

They could be a little stiff at first especially if used in a cold place.

The more you use them, the softer they will get. 
To activate them for the first uses squeeze each wrap into a ball in your warm hands, knead a little bit like a dough and spread out.

simple to use

With a little pressure and the warmth of your hands seal the wrap to itself or on bowls. Making it in any shape is fun and easy!



Gently hand wash in cold water with a small amount of mild dish soap (Ethanol free soap), hang to air dry.  Do not wash too vigorously and/or with hot water. Roll or fold the wrap and store in a drawer or in a basket. If your bowls remain sticky just wash them (NOT the wraps!) with hot water. 


Please avoid hot temperatures. Beeswax melts!
NO dishwashers NO microwaves NO ovens!

If you handle the wrap with wet hands or use it to wet bowls and containers, it will be more difficult to stick and seal firmly.​
Also, we don’t recommend it for raw meat or greasy and oily foods.  You could put such foods in a bowl and then just seal the top with the wrap.


We suggest not more than one month of freezer use.

It can last more than one year with proper care and then be used as a simple cloth or returned to Earth,  as it is 100% biodegradable and compostable.